After Care of a Hail-Damaged Repaired Car

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Hail damage is one of the most frustrating events that can happen to your car, and the saddest part about it is you cannot avoid it. Hail is a force of nature.

If your car survived the hail with no dents, congratulations! However, if your car has to go to a repair shop, do not worry because experts will bring back your car to its original shape.

After a hail damage repair, there are some things which you can do to keep your car running in its original condition.

  • Wash your car

You can wash your car by hand using mild car cleaners and clean, cool water in a covered area or under the shade. No trips to the drive-through car wash in the meantime to avoid stiff materials, harsh cleaners, and strong water pressure that might ruin your car’s new paint and finish.

  • Dry your car

Dry your car thoroughly using a soft cloth like microfiber or chamois. Don’t let the water dry out on its own as this might cause unsightly water marks.

  • Park and keep your car in a covered garage or shelter

If you have to park in an open area, use a car cover to protect your car from animal droppings, tree sap and other kinds of debris.

  • Make sure to avoid the following

Avoid driving on dirt roads and those along or near construction sites. Dust, dirt, and gravel can easily cling to your car and may cause your new paint to chip off. Avoid scratching your car paint by using a hard material such as rough cloth, a stiff brush or a sharp scraper to remove dirt, ice, and snow. Avoid waxing and polishing your car. Waxing can damage rather than protect and enhance it because the new paint is still hardening.

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