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Everything about Paintless Dent Repair

You cannot stop nature. It is uncontrollable. Sometimes, you may see it rains. At other times, it is freezing cold. Everything is affected by the weather, and so your car. Hail is one of nature’s events, and you cannot stop it. Sadly, your car can be greatly affected by hail. It can cause dents which […]

The Cost of Hail Damage Repair

If your car suffered hail damage, you will probably have to shed a few bucks for its repair. You might want to know how much of an expense it is to have it repaired before you bring your automobile to an auto body shop. This allows you to prepare financially for the expense. Usually, repair […]

Interesting Facts about Hail

In Texas, hail is a natural occurrence that happens every time. It is one of the most feared weather phenomena because it has the potential to destroy plants, trees, crops, animals and human life upon impact if strong enough. A severe storm can have a domino effect and place challenges on the environment. According to […]

Texas Weather that Dents your Car

Texas is the second largest and second most populous state in the south in the United States of America. Geographically speaking, Texas is larger than Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands combined. It is popularly known as the “The Lone Star State” to signify its former status as an independent republic, […]

Recent Hailstorm in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States. It is known for its long summer, warm fall, mild winter and generally fruitful spring. With a vast landscape that includes peaks and mountains, as well as the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the possibilities for inclement weather are seemingly endless. Texas traditionally has […]

How to spot Hail Damage on your Car

No matter how careful of a driver you are, your car can still be exposed to damage. How? Simple, your car can still be damaged by natural disasters. Natural disasters are a force of nature, therefore they are inevitable. An example of a natural disaster that can cause damage to your car is hail. It […]

How to Start your Own Dent Removal Business

In the Great Alley areas where hailstorms are frequent, a good business that you can start is a dent removal business. Many car owners need to have their cars repaired after hail damage. If you are considering having your own dent removal business, below are the general steps you need to take. Plan your business […]